Top 3 Issues To Consider When You Hire A Tree Service Company

Trees in your garden and backyard add character to your space and make them more enjoyable. They also require regular care. Sometimes this may mean pruning and trimming off branches and on other occasions you may need to remove a tree.

Trimming and Pruning

These tasks require expertise and skill. It is a good idea to hire a tree service company rather than trying to handle it yourself. Timely trimming and pruning improves the health of the tree and makes it look more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, it also ensures that dead or broken branches do not pose a risk to life and property. The cost of trimming and pruning a tree is of course dependent on the size of the tree, its health and accessibility. You may have to pay more in case you require the services in an emergency.

Tree Removal and Associated Issues

A tree may need to be removed for many reasons including the fact that the tree may be dead, or may pose a threat to the house or a building. It is important that you contact a tree service company instead of trying to handle the job all by yourself. Tree removal requires specialized equipment and experience of handling the same. Every state has its own tree removal regulations that need to be followed. If you are looking for tree removal in Ft Lauderdale be sure you hire a company that will get you the right permits. Each city will have its own permit process that needs to be followed. Some companies will do the process for you and then charge you for the permit. Be sure you get an itemized bill or estimate before any work has been started.

You may need to remove a tree that is upright, or one that has fallen. The cost of tree service for this purpose will vary as there are many factors that need to be taken into account. If a healthy tree needs to be removed, then the height, size and type of tree are some of the issues that will affect the cost. For instance, the cost of an oak tree removal is higher than that of most other trees because oak is one of the strongest woods available.

Understanding the Services the Company Offers

When you consider tree service it is important to understand all the other tasks that go along with it. This is why it is a good idea to ask the company about its basic policy for tree service and what all that it entails. Usually hauling away the branches or chipping the wood are considered additional services and accordingly the cost increases.

Similarly, stump removal may require the expertise of another contractor and you would be charged accordingly. You may wish to speak to the tree service company about how the stump will be removed and whether they can use a stump grinder. The cost of the service could be based on the diameter of the stump or on an hourly basis. Do consider all the options before you make up your mind so that you are able to benefit from the tree service that you require.

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